Save or Cancel

I know I haven’t posted anything online for a really long time. I have written a lot of posts, all stuck in my phone notes and I get so tired at the end of the day that I don’t have any more of the energy to do anything else but to just be with my daughter. I do not know if I have mentioned to my readers earlier that I started taking calls, it has been tough, I almost cried out for my first call. I can get utterly sensitive, but after getting trained from a really cool boss. I have calmed down a bit over the nervousness and attempted 6 calls today. Though all my calls weren’t all that great today, I was able to achieve one save out of those 6 calls.  It wasn’t easy at all, the very first call is supposed to be a call that I should be remembering it until I remain in this company which itself I messed out completely. Boo!!!

But I guess we all get there at some point of time where we all achieve the art of being a master at what we are able to do. For now, it isn’t my turn yet. I am going to stick to the saying practice makes man perfect. So I am going to keep practicing and sees where it takes me. I know there is a lot of hard work there and I need to focus and make things brighter for me.

I have a full afternoon to make it across but I for now I am just excited to see my partner after being away from him for four days while he was out in the forest camping.

Staying positive!