every post i read seems to be connected to what i feel emotionally today

I have been down emotionally today, I even updated my facebook status saying ” Drawing a line of determination from desperation. I am a little tired of feeling like a failure. because those who are heartless once cared too much”. some felt offended, some felt i should see through the eyes of what others feel, some asked me what happened, some wanted to help me. as you can make it out, I have been really depressed, things seem to be uphill sometimes and down hill the other. but I have heard so, that this is the act of life. the stage where, all emotions get blended and match to the perfection. time has no effect on it, we are the controllers of what is to happen at that very moment.

So, as I was eating my diet breakfast of muesli with dried fruits, the first line I read on wordpress by #2helpfulguys , how to deal with regret. when you feel depressed, its because of something which took place in your life which shouldn’t have. but it did and which is why you regret. I was so thankful to have read their post as it helps to overcome the feeling of sadness. and another one by the #dailypost – See yourself through a different set of eyes. though i did not complete the post, it sure lead me to reading it to overcome the emotional fear i have today.

WordPress is a book of knowledge, from different kinds of people, from different parts of the world, all the freedom of knowledge that one can receive is all in this one blogsphere in order to deal with our problems, our worries, to share our feelings, our love. it’s a real life’s stage where the whole world can read and write what you feel and what type of knowledge they want to receive.

with this I would say, what the 2helpfulguys mentioned in the end of their post- how to deal with regret, “ be bold, be free and love on”.