Hey readers, I know it’s been quite a long time since I last posted here, I am very much active on Facebook, it’s almost like a daily regime, I know I should make WordPress one too, but I have had so much on my plate, I was unable to do much here lately, life has turned so many twists and turns in September, I was happy with a lot of new things but also very unhappy about a few but this is life and it has to move on to the next level. 

Today was very exciting but also tedious, I have had a lot of house chores to finish off, err wait a minute u must be wondering how I did that while I am supposed to be at work, yeah the Czechs have this really amazing thing called the service for mothers where any working mom who has got a sick child is eligible to 60% of her daily wage, well that’s the only thing that is exciting here but the downside to it is that, you have a sick daughter at home and every few hours you gotta fight with her to suck out those noodles using a vacuum cleaner out of her noise. That’s disgusting right? Talk about it! The first time I had to do that I almost threw up but hey there are perks and downsides to being a mom 😉 

Alright so, I cooked, cleaned, washed, ironed, made beds, watered my dying plants, fed and cleaned my baby, and then at 6pm I am at work for 3 hours. How cool is that? It’s like a paid vacation for all the mommas, but not for long, I am in a dilemma set in my head how it is going to be for tomorrow as I have to report to work , the dilemma though is that, my boss thinks I am coming full time whereas I wanna be there for three hours as today. Well that will get sorted out when I send a sms to my boss that I can’t make it tomorrow either. I hate to be the one to report this but I have little choice with Eli still sick. 

Right, that being said I am still traveling in the metro, waiting to go home and jump to bed. Tomorrow is yet another bright day, I am going to make some Indian chappatis and potato masala for my Indian friend and honestly I can’t wait for the Friday because we are having a work girls night out and I need that glass of wine in my hand. 

Until then, enjoy reading! 

Thanks Peeps! 🙂 

My new adventure 

Yesterday was the first day after three long years I started work! From my previous posts that I have posted I mentioned about my 20 month old daughter for whom I have been a full time stay at home mother. And yesterday was so tough for me to make that step where things between me and her will no longer remain the same. She wouldn’t see me the whole day and I wouldn’t be there for her to tuck her for her afternoon nap, or hold her when she wakes up, caress her while she sleeps, or feed her her food, play hide and seek with her. Bottom line I miss a lot of things with her! 

But hey this is life, and it has to move on, but I tried to think of her all throughout my office hours, called we during breaks and hugged her so tight when I saw as she came running toward me after my office. It was wonderful! A different feeling. I really hope she appreciates that I am doing this to secure her future, in order to help her achieve better and be a better human being. But also I want to take all my free time to help her achieve what she needs to have an to create that mother, daughter bond more stronger. 

Life is never fair, we all do not get what we want. There are huge sacrifices to make, many stepping stones to achieve, fall down but get up and have your head up high and conquer the world. That’s our human life. 🙂 

On my next post, I will talk about how exciting my new job has been though it has been just two days 🙂 

Stay tuned, happy reading!! 

Tragic lunch 

My husband cooked a really delicious pasta yesterday and for the first time and I was actually excited to take it with me to work. And unfortunately it just got too much humid as it’s supposed to be the hottest day in Czech Republic, temperatures reaching as high as 40 degrees. 

West Coast – Greek Style

Oh! Fernweh

Hello everyone! I know I said I’d talk about my Bangalore shenanigans next on here but I have something better, way better!! I have a wonderful friend who currently lives in Greece and man, has she been utilising her time there to its fullest. I drool at her pictures daily, the beaches, the orange trees, the food! So without further ado, Beaulah, fellow blogger at tête–à–tête of my memoir, takes it away with Guest Post #2!

Beautifully decorating the west coast of Greece, lies the Ionian islands, the most talked about and visited islands of Greece, making them the blue flagged islands meaning it indicates having, eco-high environmental and quality standard beaches and Marinas. The Ionian islands or the Heptanese (meaning ‘seven islands’ in Greek) are known for their clear crystal water sea, beautiful coral beaches and their traditional Greek Villages. Though I haven’t visited all seven, I have been…

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Quick Shrimp Pasta 


Since this is my first post on food, hope you guys like it! 


1. Any type of pasta (one packet) 

2. One medium sized onion

3. Two pods garlic

4. One green/red capsicum

5. 500gms cleaned fresh shrimps

6. Chinese fish masala powder

7. Sun dried tomatoes in sunflower oil

8. Fresh mint/ basil ( I used mint) 

9. Lemon

10. Salt to taste

11. Olive oil


1. In a big cooking pot boil 3 litres of water with tablespoon of salt. Close the lid and bring it to boil.

2. Meanwhile, chop onions, garlic, capsicum. Chop the sundried tomatoes into thin strips.

3. Heat olive oil in a wok, once the oil is hot enough, add, garlic and fry till the you smell the aroma, add onions, capsicum and fry until almost caramelised, add shrimp, sun dried tomatoes and cook until the shrimp has shrunk and done. 

4. Sprinkle the Chinese fish masala, a pinch of salt and add the fresh mint and close the lid for 2 mins. 

5. Meanwhile, add the pasta of choice to the boiling water and close the lid and cook for 5-6 mins on high, or until done.

6. Drain the pasta, add to the shrimps and stir it until everything is mixed properly with the pasta. Drizzle olive oil on the top. Serve hot. 

Hope you all try it! Happy eating! Cheers 

Love that never was mine

love at first sight! Does it ever happen? Yes, it did to me! It happened back in year 2011, when I first saw you walk into the roof top terrace for a bbq party in the fabulous house front of a huge water filled ocean! I cudnt stop my eyes coming back at you. I still can’t explain what is the reason behind our meet. But it was worth it! Though I could never make you mine! I grieve, only if things what we want could automatically be ours not for a day, for a week, or for a year but forever mine! The day after the part when we first locked our eyes, the time I actually caught you look at me, that is my only heart secret, only for me! Then, I had to with no choice left live in your apartment for a month.i felt like I was dreaming! I want to thank you with all my heart, for being there until the very end. Even though as friends because each time I see you even just a photo makes my heart skip a beat even now. This very moment I’m writing about you. Just you in my thoughts make me happy! 

The one month I shared your apartment with you, I was overwhelmed, by everything! Because I was in love with you! I love to describe you as exactly a man I wanted!! I felt of you to be perfect for me, your gentleness, your braveness, your jokes , your tone, your personality. Made me fall hard into your love. I mean come on who wouldn’t, you were just fabulous inside out. Like God was in good moods while creating you. Ha, if that came out like a description of a girl no I do not mean you to be beautiful but beautiful inside. You are anyway handsome outside, those long dark streaks, which I never got to caress, those Strong hands which I never got to hold, that manly chest which I never got to lie on, that breath of yours which I never got to breath! Oh how I longed but I guess we were never meant to be. 

I still remember the days when we cooked together, your French salads, (Ofcourse you being French! ) , our funny conversations, and what I cherished the most was lying next of you. Just few inches away from you for a whole month. You know how it made me shiver. Because I couldn’t handle not being so close to you yet so far apart. I still remember the way you smelled, sorry but I secretly smelt your clothes when you were out several times. You must be thinking of me to be weird but I just wanted to live this moment forever atleast within me. There was one night when you accidentally touched my hand. And I felt my heart throb. I loved you, i still do inspite our two separate lives. 

When my one month of living in fantasy was about to be over, I was sad I would never meet you again and feel so close but then as days went by you called me and wanted to move in to my apartment. I am sorry I never understood you. You were again there in front of my eyes but I was with someone else. It must have made you uncomfortable, it did to me too. That’s why even I left all those someone else’s I could never leave you. You haunt me in my thoughts all the time. 

I still remember the last coffee we shared together. The last hug you gave me before it was the final good bye.thats when I knew I could never see you again. It made me sad. I felt terrible for weeks but life moved on. But I didnot forget your warmth ness from the very last hug I received from you. I still remember how much I used to speak about you to my best friend then! They must have gotten bored but she knew I loved you a lot. And today, I have none to share this feeling with and not even you so I am writing it here. 

My life moved on as yours! We live in the same continent, few miles away, you in your world which I no nothing of and I’m in mine,a mother to a child now, but here I am admitting my love to the world of how much I loved you. I felt broken when you posted yourself with your new girlfriend, she is beautiful and I always wished why wasn’t that girl me. Then I wondered, whatever happens, happens for a reason. But no matter what, this is my promise to you. I will always love you in my thoughts and remember you even when I’m old, though we were never meant to be. 

  • In loving fondness of Louis! 

Smile on a loved ones face!

Once a great scholar said, ” you are born alone and you die alone”. How many of us take this in literal meaning? Is it really that way? Then how are we connected to family and friends. They celebrate when we are welcomed to this world and moan and grieve when we leave them forever.

I would like to tell you a story of Lina, Lina was a obedient girl, she always respected her family, sacrificed for her kids when she grew old, then one fine day the family disowned her and told her to go away. The very family she once thought could do anything for her made her, her own enemy. She realised they were happy with people outside than being with her and her babies. Can a family really put you through so much pain? They would laugh and enjoy with the people who meant nothing but whined and complained and were sad all the time with her. She felt terrible. And this was the sad story of Lina.

We often forget to give precious moments to our loved ones, the moments that could hold us back to them when it’s time to let go, the memories that we can cling to can be created but are we really making time for those beautiful moments that make our loved ones happy? What is the goal of our life? Often people do a lot for families physically and forget to provide emotional support when in need leaving the person to feel alone. Be it a husband to a wife, mother to a child, father to a baby, brother to a sister, what keeps it strong is the togetherness that we often forget to create.

Due to technology growth in today’s era, we see people clinging to cell phones, laptops, iPods etc. they make no time for anyone! Busy in the world of technology. Not for a second they think to talk to their loved ones. They create a long empty space between themselves. They don’t know what each person in their family likes and dislikes. It’s sad to see most families are broken down to no communication.

It brings tears to my eyes when the person you want the most makes time for the outside world rather than time for the one that truly wants to share a talk with, sit and forget their duties and relax, speak their heart out. It takes one mind to realise and one step to convince and put a smile on the loved ones face. It’s not about physical effort but heart to heart effort. Genuine and pure because you love them and not hurt them.