Working out

ok, I give up!scrolling down WordPress posts and automatically getting indicated to write a post note once but four times just urged me to write down! I don’t know how long my post is going to be but I know what inspired me! The last post I just read that was few seconds back, waking up before your do and practice a healthy workout session! Ok! Seriously ! I tried! I tried really hard to stick to the routine! Take my dog out and run around the one acre park next door. I am blessed to live downtown Athens , Greece with a beautiful green luscious park 100 metres from my door and I’m just putting my lazy ass up snoring and waiting for the sun to wake me up and to add to it, my daughter who is 18 months apparently does the same!

So this is how I imagine my dream daily day to be, wake up way before my daughter, like 7am and have a spoon of honey with lemon, put on some shorts, trainers (which are craving my feet in there) and some music in my ears and run! Run a mile or may be two! Stick to that routine ! Have a rigorous workout session of 30 minutes run with a 20 mins exercise! Wow, I can imagine how all that mommy fat I collected over a year and a half dissolve into the air like how sugar does in water!

But trust me, I really want to get out there and do what I just wrote, because I still feel like I am not in my own shoes like how I was before, athletic, thin and sexy! This is what I wish to be again! So what I am mommy? I can be one sure hell of a sexy mom if I want to be! 🙂