Top 5 reasons why a Toddler mom should not get Inked!

Tattoos can be so great to look at and you feel you dedicated a part of your skin for such a tremendous piece of art work. so, I got 2 small tattoos for significance to my relationship as a mother and a wife. I dedicated one to my little toddler with her heartbeat engrossed onto my side arm and the other dedicated to my husband on the nape of my neck. both look perfect, exactly the way i want it to be. but Alas, there is a negative side to not getting a tattoo with a toddler by your side. so here are my reasons and you are most welcome to share your reasons too :


My Tattoos

Reason 1: Clinging Toddler

One can only imagine how scratchy and itchy a tattoo can get as it gets aged. though i cannot compare it with wine.Tattoo can be terribly itchy and you feel like you want to get those fingers off yours to work on your tattoos to release the itchiness. however imagine, a toddler who wants to sit on your lap all day long and does not want to move an inch from you. then , you might definitely want to reconsider your choice for that year. The little attention seeker!

Reason 2: Bath time

ok, you just apply a fresh coat of cream on the tattoo and then you remember its the bath time for your baby. how much ever you try not to wet the tattoo and tada! thanks to your toddler, she knows exactly what you think in your head and does quite the opposite. and you get twice the work you already got.

Reason 3: Chores chores and never ending chores

Chores are fun but not when you got a toddler. and definitely not when you want to finish off the dishes but your hand can not move much as your afraid the ink might move around as you have to strain the hand. Fresh tattoos need a lot of care and attention just like a new born. trust me you don’t want to move that tattoo skin too much around otherwise you might have to do a second sitting with that all pain!

Reason 4: Food can get messy

Feeding your toddler with the tattooed arm can be bit of a tricky session. they want to roatate their heads hands and legs as they please as they sing and dance to their rhymes while they eat. otherwise you can not get them to eat and you have twice the mess once the rhymes are turned off. ka boom! explosion time for a toddler. now you do not want a crying toddler at home with all that existing pain already! do you?

Reason 5: Sleep time.

Ever watched a Youtube video of how a toddler sleeps? you might want to go check that one out. with their super tactics of sleeping positions, all you have to think of is to how to protect your tattoo from not rubbing away.

So, with the top five reasons, I am really trying to not have a redo session of my tattoo. you got any? I would appreciate your share!

Hope you enjoyed the read!