Athens with friends -part 2 

I know I haven’t been able to write more to my readers. We have moved back to Prague, with a loaded car, a dog cage , a brown Labrador, 20 month old infant, thankfully my husband bought me the tickets to fly back a day before he was due to arrive in the Czech Republic.  So, in my previous post I have shared with you all on the first day events of our friends arrival to Athens and how amazing it was to see the Acropolis, we also did see the monistaraki square, I say where all the business happens. My friend hesitated to go to the fish market as the stench was unbearable. 

Nevertheless, We did not miss the oppurtunity to see the vegetable market and the tiny streets around. They kept telling me what a incredible guide I make with a 20 month old daughter strolling around the city and showing the historical place was a moment I cannot forget. 

The events on the second day was just as much exciting as the first day. We saw the famous plaka. Almost explored the entire area with all the sophisticated streets, I even discovered an incredible old yet vintage art gallery owned by an famous artist- . His place was worth seeing for for the artist lovers. And as the day fell over and night approached, we all went to a roof top restaurant at the hotel Athens Gate situated at the 8th storey to view the incredible 360 degree view of the Athens! With the lights lit up as the darkness fell over, we had the best view of the Acropolis at night! It is a view that you could never forget! 

And thus winding up our Athens tour which lasted 4 days, with amazing people, great food, lots of red wine and a beautiful story to tell share. and since this was my last week at the Athens I honestly enjoyed to the best and will always cherish the memories I made with the land of history, heritage, culture, sea, sand and Greeks! 

Looking forward to a new beginning to start back at home – Prague! With a lot to look forward to, a working new mom! 

Stay tuned for more stories. It doesn’t mean my travel has stopped. There is a lot I am waiting to explore. 

Athens with Friends -part 1. 

Last week in Athens has left me with so many mixed feelings. As I earlier mentioned in my last post that my friends are visiting me. And they have finally arrived here yesterday. We set our journey to receive them at the airport on the half empty highways at half past nine with excitement in our hearts.

The room I arranged for both my friends, one named Klara the young blonde energetic woman who is here to enjoy her summer and the other an English teacher in her mid fifties. She has been a dear friend and my only friend when I moved first to Czech Republic. Anyway, the room I found through airbnb had a fantastic authentic Greek feel to it and I loved it. 

The owner being a Greek was pleasant, sweet,and an highly educated woman in her late fourties! She in fact did an fabulous arrangement for her guests to have an comfortable and extravagant stay in the heart of the city of Athens. I must say I was very much pleased and contented. 

When I met my friends the day next day, they were really happy that I arranged such a wonderful stay for them. And like a holiday planned, we set out today to do some heavy sightseeing in almost thirty eight degrees Athens. We had a heart warming breakfast and set out our day by foot to Acropolis! The one monument you cannot miss whilst your stay at Athens.

So now they are out there doing all the study and enjoying the historical monument while I wait at the foothills of the Mighty Acropolis, having the oppurtunity to write a post and share my final week events with my dear friends in Athens. But unfortunately to my awe, I forgot to put in the micro card to my camera hence I promise to share you some pics along with my journey. 

So stay tuned, though the days are few, the journey is long! 🙂 

Meeting the love of my life, my DAD, after 25 years……

It has been 23 years since we left you, I can hardly remember your face. I was 2 years when mom held me in her hand and my sister (months baby) in her arms and fled from the home which is supposed to be ours. we grew up hearing from my mother not to meet you ever again, I grew up without you being there to hold my hand when i would fall, I grew up without you being there when I first has my period, when I first had a crush, when I fell in love, when I graduated from school, when I first took a plane, when I had a job for the first time. You were never there when I wanted to cry holding on to your arms. you were never there when all the other kids had both their parents on parents meet, or graduations. I grew up in pain because you were there far far away, away from me, away from everything you would see of me and be proud of me and for everything else which isn’t right to be there and guide me. I had to lie to the world that you were dead, not literally but I accepted in my heart that I would never see you again. Would never know how you would look when you grow old. I am now a parent myself, and have a daughter, I can never imagine how it would be without being a part of her. I missed you as a parent, the alpha parent. the guider, adviser, the care-taker, the first love, and my king. I grew up to the saying to another man I would be a queen but to my father, I would always be his princess. Even Gods didn’t want our meet to happen, I travelled around the world, made several of my own decisions,but deep down i always wished I had someone like you to be there for me always. Since I haven’t met you in such a long time i always imagined how it would be when I see you. I thought of you to be kind and gentle. respectful, loving and have all the best qualities of a dad. Because after hearing all the bullshit i grew up with from my mothers parents, I did not believe it in my heart but i lived with the bitter sadness that was it really the man that they mention as the monster, my dad? I recollect a incident at school, when i shared about you to whom i thought of to be my best friend, that you were still alive, she shared it with others, and they all mocked at me saying I am a fatherless girl having a father. There are several such moments in my life that left me feeling bitter. but you know, I never gave up on you, like you never did. In your heart, I heard from a relative, that your daughter, that is me, would come and meet you one day and be with you and share all the pain and joy that we couldn’t for those damned 23 years. and they say dreams can come true, the day I met you, so unexpectedly, thanks to my partner for persuading me to meet you, I was not convinced at the beginning but then after listening to my heart several times, I decided I will meet you, after all, I am a part of you as you are to me. I loved you Dad all my life, even those countless days and outnumbered times I haven’t been with you. The day finally arrived, after 23 effin years, that late afternoon, I did surprise you right? din’t I? I am sure you were excited. I was, trust me. My heart pounded when I saw you in a far distance, and when i came to you, held your hands in my mine from that moment, I knew I was never alone in my thoughts. The joyful tears i shed i will never forget. I was the happiest that day. I had several mixed feelings. Even words cannot explain what I felt that day. so many unanswered questions, so much to talk and share. and many more. but I knew this wasn’t the only day, as from now on you will always be there for me and I for you. I am so thankful to the Almighty to answer your prayers and bond us into that unbreakable love we always had. Now we cannot be divided or separated. we are one and always will be. I love you, Dad. I will forever.