How do you like your coffee?

I am a coffee person! I got like ten different variety of teas on my Kitchen counter, all neatly arranged but my hands reach out to the coffee whenever I want to make a hot drink. My mornings, be it any day has to awaken my senses with a strong cappuccino. Though I always desired to have a professional coffee maker which I cannot afford one at this moment, I try my best to make my coffee as how i get it served at a cafe. Honestly, after moving to Greece, I started to grow more love towards this aromatic drink than ever before. Greeks love their coffee, be it hot or cold. They usually drink filter coffee early mornings but as the heat grows in the afternoon, they love their Freddo. Never knew that a thing such as a Freddo ever existing before getting here. One may say its just a Iced coffee but I would say it has got more to it than just coffee served cold. It has chunks of ice cubes, with strong espresso on which they pour a thick whipped cream which has got the taste which is out of this planet . and this particular coffee won my heart rather than the rest of the coffees I ever tasted before.

Anyway, back to my love for my coffee, I love it with two spoons of sugar, one spoon of instant coffee, and a good amount of milk. without this my mornings are  never now tell me all you coffee lovers out there.. how do you like your cup of coffee to be?