If all days were weekends..

As my title suggests, my weekend was so fantastic that I secretly wish all my days are all the same as the weekends. Family breakfasts, yummy lunches after a good cleaning of the house, weekend chores, kids running back and forth, angry partner or might as well be hungry partner! ha, days like these are so cherishing, and l so enjoy days like this. on Saturday, we just lazed out, made our favourite breakfast ‘the English breakfast’ but a pinch of Czech added to it. i totally love the eggs and baked beans with the typical Czech style ‘cheleba’. it tastes so out of the world for me. having the mother in law go do the weekend grocery shopping just clicked a tick on my to do list for the weekend. after everyone settled back after the morning session, kids were playing with their balloons that they got for free at the Mall over the Friday visit as I am getting a new account for my telephone services since my partner switched his services. where my partner goes is where I go kind of situation.

Since my MIL did not tell us what time she would head back home after her grocery shopping. by the time the clock ticked 1pm, kids were hungry, so I had quickly get my lazy ass up and cook a quickie, but it did turn out to be really delicious, cooked chicken with spinach Rice, and the Czech Moravian Rose we had with the meal was so outstanding. It had fresh notes, sweetness and a amalgamation of red and white wine. simply loved it! we later met with my partners brother in law for a few beers at the old pivorvarsky dum.

The next day was just as exciting as the first one, we went for a 30 kilometres of bicycle ride across the meadows of Czech republic, enjoying the last sun that is left out before the autumn begins next month. I really love exploring the tiny old villages with beautifully carpeted summer grass and to watch the swans and tiny ducks swim in the tiny ponds across the roads. At the end of our adventurous trip I couldn’t do one uphill so I had to pluck out the not so ripened pears and apples just to give me the energy to reach home. and we wrapped up this energised day by visiting my partner’s best friend’s home in yet again a beautiful classic Czech style village.

what do you readers think, when you want all your day’s to be just another day of a weekend?

Happy Reading!