Trust only yourself and no one else.. Sad truth! 

No no no, I am not being nice to anyone! I don’t want to either, I have had it enough! I am to sly about everything. I hate being the way I am, too nice to the people who are just strangers. So I guess you all can guess I had such a big big horrible day! My day has been everything else but pleasant, and this time it was not the customers who caused it but my supposedly superior who just shocked me off, blew me out and trampled on my already soft heart! 

What I think of people is exactly not what people turned out to be and time and again I have been hurt, messed with and destroyed and yet I still try to be nice to all those fuckers who deserve nothing but a cold face! 

So my day, he ruined it, saw me cry, made me despair, n had the joy watching me wilt out like a old flower, he told me I have no choice but to leave, of course I did not want that for me, as I was really looking forward to the new job in the new campaign and I’m still there asking for a option they could give me. And the reasons they give out, because my attendance is not great as I have got a sick daughter at home. And how are the rest of them able to manage? God knows! Simple reasons that can really be manipulated with and cause eruptions. Honestly I am so over it now after having it for one whole long day. I’m just going to start over again. I need to. I can’t do this anymore. If they can give me what I requested I more than happy and willing to work hard and move on and if not I am just going to have to leave. I have had it enough. I don’t want to cause myself a mental illness through something which isn’t even my fault. Because not everyone is perfect and no one can be either, we all have problems in our lives and there are huge mountains to cross and break through. I won’t let something so minor effect my life and destroy it! I am going to set it right and never go wrong with my beliefs. 

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