Hey readers, I know it’s been quite a long time since I last posted here, I am very much active on Facebook, it’s almost like a daily regime, I know I should make WordPress one too, but I have had so much on my plate, I was unable to do much here lately, life has turned so many twists and turns in September, I was happy with a lot of new things but also very unhappy about a few but this is life and it has to move on to the next level. 

Today was very exciting but also tedious, I have had a lot of house chores to finish off, err wait a minute u must be wondering how I did that while I am supposed to be at work, yeah the Czechs have this really amazing thing called the service for mothers where any working mom who has got a sick child is eligible to 60% of her daily wage, well that’s the only thing that is exciting here but the downside to it is that, you have a sick daughter at home and every few hours you gotta fight with her to suck out those noodles using a vacuum cleaner out of her noise. That’s disgusting right? Talk about it! The first time I had to do that I almost threw up but hey there are perks and downsides to being a mom 😉 

Alright so, I cooked, cleaned, washed, ironed, made beds, watered my dying plants, fed and cleaned my baby, and then at 6pm I am at work for 3 hours. How cool is that? It’s like a paid vacation for all the mommas, but not for long, I am in a dilemma set in my head how it is going to be for tomorrow as I have to report to work , the dilemma though is that, my boss thinks I am coming full time whereas I wanna be there for three hours as today. Well that will get sorted out when I send a sms to my boss that I can’t make it tomorrow either. I hate to be the one to report this but I have little choice with Eli still sick. 

Right, that being said I am still traveling in the metro, waiting to go home and jump to bed. Tomorrow is yet another bright day, I am going to make some Indian chappatis and potato masala for my Indian friend and honestly I can’t wait for the Friday because we are having a work girls night out and I need that glass of wine in my hand. 

Until then, enjoy reading! 

Thanks Peeps! 🙂 

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