long long day

Today has been literally a very long day, woke up really early, at 7 in the morning. Readied my daughter to her very first school experience that she would ever get, packed her, nappies, wet wipes, her pink water bottle, one pair of dress, one white muslin cloth, some short eat, her favourite ‘BRUMIK’ short cake. packed it all in her new pink backpack that we bought at the mall yesterday. my partner bought himself some nice trekking shoes which i already bought when I first got to Czech Republic. His shoes looked just as classic as mine with the most popular ‘Gortex’. Honestly today had been a very big emotional roller coaster for me. my 21 month old daughter is in Kindergarden and she was such a good girl, the teacher was so convinced that she can be great at the tiny place filled with kids.

when I entered the baby house, they were kids running around, a baby girl crying as her mother left, my kid just streamed in and started exploring her way around, I am sure she had her first day a quite memorable one, I also saw there was a beautiful kitchenette at one corner, hanger bags with names of each kid at the entrance, rooms for taking rest above the play house, a not so big place for playing, reading, exploring the artistic side of my little one, and there was a huge garden with toys and slides and all the outdoor play toys needed for kids to get engaged. My little princess was so excited she forgot about mama and papa.

Later that day, we picked up my partner’s kids from their first day at school as it is the starting of the winter semester after a two month holiday, the girls have grown so big they have become so responsible and attentive. they wore beautiful dresses with combed hair, nice pair of shoes, I in fact missed hanging out with them as much as before because of my work, all I remember doing this summer with them was singing baby rhymes in the car to make the little sister of their’s happy and excited. 🙂

having said that, I still had to go to office at 11:30 am, which means my schedule begins to work one hour ahead of my scheduled shift. I got to take a bus and then a underground to reach work, like usual yesterday I did the same, except I got a lift from my partner to the underground metro in his car. I reach five minutes late to my desk, log in to my computer late and then still huffing and puffing I take my first call and since then it was a never ending, non-stop calls pouring in one after another. I was trembling with anxiety and stress as by the day approached to the end, I took a 17 disconnects and just 6 saves. It broke my heart completely. I was so stressed by the end, when I reached home I could not help assist my partner in taking care of my daughter and eventually he was disappointed but the best thing that happened over this whole long day we made up the next morning as we know no matter what love prevails in our lives.

Keep your love alive.

Happy Reading!

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