Things I forgot today 

Days are flying away. I am just going with the flow. All the time I think of being a bit different, bit me, bit more sophisticated but I guess we can only aim at what we can achieve. As I left for office this morning I had two things in my mind to carry along with me. A big bottle of water and the other my watch! 

Seated in the car next of my partner, reminded of the forgotten things at home. What a pity! Hope I am not loosing my mind over things that do not matter! Things we think of but make no sense and those which wouldn’t change your life over. 

I have more days to achieve and today is a new day to focus and stay positive. Drive myself towards the goals I have set in my mind. Life depends on what you aim for. It’s all a mind game that we for no other reasons must achieve and be productive. 

So all you peeps out there that are reading this post today, stay focused and positive and conquer your goals because life is all about being happy no matter what the circumstances. 

Happy Reading! 

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