My new adventure 

Yesterday was the first day after three long years I started work! From my previous posts that I have posted I mentioned about my 20 month old daughter for whom I have been a full time stay at home mother. And yesterday was so tough for me to make that step where things between me and her will no longer remain the same. She wouldn’t see me the whole day and I wouldn’t be there for her to tuck her for her afternoon nap, or hold her when she wakes up, caress her while she sleeps, or feed her her food, play hide and seek with her. Bottom line I miss a lot of things with her! 

But hey this is life, and it has to move on, but I tried to think of her all throughout my office hours, called we during breaks and hugged her so tight when I saw as she came running toward me after my office. It was wonderful! A different feeling. I really hope she appreciates that I am doing this to secure her future, in order to help her achieve better and be a better human being. But also I want to take all my free time to help her achieve what she needs to have an to create that mother, daughter bond more stronger. 

Life is never fair, we all do not get what we want. There are huge sacrifices to make, many stepping stones to achieve, fall down but get up and have your head up high and conquer the world. That’s our human life. 🙂 

On my next post, I will talk about how exciting my new job has been though it has been just two days 🙂 

Stay tuned, happy reading!! 


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