If all days were weekends..

As my title suggests, my weekend was so fantastic that I secretly wish all my days are all the same as the weekends. Family breakfasts, yummy lunches after a good cleaning of the house, weekend chores, kids running back and forth, angry partner or might as well be hungry partner! ha, days like these are so cherishing, and l so enjoy days like this. on Saturday, we just lazed out, made our favourite breakfast ‘the English breakfast’ but a pinch of Czech added to it. i totally love the eggs and baked beans with the typical Czech style ‘cheleba’. it tastes so out of the world for me. having the mother in law go do the weekend grocery shopping just clicked a tick on my to do list for the weekend. after everyone settled back after the morning session, kids were playing with their balloons that they got for free at the Mall over the Friday visit as I am getting a new account for my telephone services since my partner switched his services. where my partner goes is where I go kind of situation.

Since my MIL did not tell us what time she would head back home after her grocery shopping. by the time the clock ticked 1pm, kids were hungry, so I had quickly get my lazy ass up and cook a quickie, but it did turn out to be really delicious, cooked chicken with spinach Rice, and the Czech Moravian Rose we had with the meal was so outstanding. It had fresh notes, sweetness and a amalgamation of red and white wine. simply loved it! we later met with my partners brother in law for a few beers at the old pivorvarsky dum.

The next day was just as exciting as the first one, we went for a 30 kilometres of bicycle ride across the meadows of Czech republic, enjoying the last sun that is left out before the autumn begins next month. I really love exploring the tiny old villages with beautifully carpeted summer grass and to watch the swans and tiny ducks swim in the tiny ponds across the roads. At the end of our adventurous trip I couldn’t do one uphill so I had to pluck out the not so ripened pears and apples just to give me the energy to reach home. and we wrapped up this energised day by visiting my partner’s best friend’s home in yet again a beautiful classic Czech style village.

what do you readers think, when you want all your day’s to be just another day of a weekend?

Happy Reading!

Save or Cancel

I know I haven’t posted anything online for a really long time. I have written a lot of posts, all stuck in my phone notes and I get so tired at the end of the day that I don’t have any more of the energy to do anything else but to just be with my daughter. I do not know if I have mentioned to my readers earlier that I started taking calls, it has been tough, I almost cried out for my first call. I can get utterly sensitive, but after getting trained from a really cool boss. I have calmed down a bit over the nervousness and attempted 6 calls today. Though all my calls weren’t all that great today, I was able to achieve one save out of those 6 calls.  It wasn’t easy at all, the very first call is supposed to be a call that I should be remembering it until I remain in this company which itself I messed out completely. Boo!!!

But I guess we all get there at some point of time where we all achieve the art of being a master at what we are able to do. For now, it isn’t my turn yet. I am going to stick to the saying practice makes man perfect. So I am going to keep practicing and sees where it takes me. I know there is a lot of hard work there and I need to focus and make things brighter for me.

I have a full afternoon to make it across but I for now I am just excited to see my partner after being away from him for four days while he was out in the forest camping.

Staying positive!

My office

I haven’t been on my laptop for almost a week at least not visiting my word press website. usually my thoughts screen in my head while I am travelling the metro urging me to type out those words into the tiny screen on my Iphone. very unusual of me to write something in such a manner but I did put my words the right way in the 35 minute journey I take back and forth the office. I really want to practice more writing and bring out my thoughts to the viewers.

So a normal person in 3 days at office would clearly understand the ethics the office follows. and I think I need to ease out a bit more at office. the office mates are so welcoming and really helpful. I am so happy I chose this place to start of my career in Czech Republic. amazing cute looking boss, and I was not the only one who thought he looks like Justin Timberlake but the rest of them think the same too. sometimes, it could get a little hard to concentrate but I have just grown more respect towards him. He is a very encouraging person, though my first two call taking was totally rubbish he still appreciated my effort. I have hope that he will guide me and help me to achieve the KPI’s I need to achieve each day.

And the office mates, they are so cool I cant compare them to any other office colleagues I worked with. we got a Indian girl who lived all her life in Czech, speaks excellent English and nothing with an Indian accent, I am 100% sure me and her are going to pull of an amazing friendship too. Then, I have the next supervisor to my boss, Scott, the big brother of the team, he is so helpful, I am amazed by his teaching and patience level, I look at him as a mentor, a person who will help me move forward my career at my work. though he reminds me of my ex boyfriend, I would like to leave that behind. also, we have the funniest train collector, Dave, he has his own website selling toy trains. so you want some, let me know so I could refer you to him, then we got a person called Duncan, yesterday was the first time I met him, I learnt he is a nice family man with two daughters so I am sure we would have a lot of parenting talks with each other in future. and now that’s my team, and we got sales right next of us from where we sit, Chris, the crazy New Yorker. he is a friendly, crazy and nice. then I met Mark, who started his day one along with me, the rest are some of them I still need to know about.

There is a really unique tradition at the office where, a newbie saves a customer from leaving the company, the retention team would have to press a bulb look alike horn to notify the rest of the team. I was so flushed when my boss told me to press that, but he was so generous he brought it to me and asked me to press it, the instant I did press, the whole team clapped hands and praised me! I am still smiling typing this. the moment was unforgettable.

I really hope my days will be achievable and that I could use all my experience and skills to make my career more fruitful and driven.

Hope you all liked my post today. and looking forward to sharing more of my amazing experiences with you all!

Happy Reading!

Things I forgot today 

Days are flying away. I am just going with the flow. All the time I think of being a bit different, bit me, bit more sophisticated but I guess we can only aim at what we can achieve. As I left for office this morning I had two things in my mind to carry along with me. A big bottle of water and the other my watch! 

Seated in the car next of my partner, reminded of the forgotten things at home. What a pity! Hope I am not loosing my mind over things that do not matter! Things we think of but make no sense and those which wouldn’t change your life over. 

I have more days to achieve and today is a new day to focus and stay positive. Drive myself towards the goals I have set in my mind. Life depends on what you aim for. It’s all a mind game that we for no other reasons must achieve and be productive. 

So all you peeps out there that are reading this post today, stay focused and positive and conquer your goals because life is all about being happy no matter what the circumstances. 

Happy Reading! 

My new adventure 

Yesterday was the first day after three long years I started work! From my previous posts that I have posted I mentioned about my 20 month old daughter for whom I have been a full time stay at home mother. And yesterday was so tough for me to make that step where things between me and her will no longer remain the same. She wouldn’t see me the whole day and I wouldn’t be there for her to tuck her for her afternoon nap, or hold her when she wakes up, caress her while she sleeps, or feed her her food, play hide and seek with her. Bottom line I miss a lot of things with her! 

But hey this is life, and it has to move on, but I tried to think of her all throughout my office hours, called we during breaks and hugged her so tight when I saw as she came running toward me after my office. It was wonderful! A different feeling. I really hope she appreciates that I am doing this to secure her future, in order to help her achieve better and be a better human being. But also I want to take all my free time to help her achieve what she needs to have an to create that mother, daughter bond more stronger. 

Life is never fair, we all do not get what we want. There are huge sacrifices to make, many stepping stones to achieve, fall down but get up and have your head up high and conquer the world. That’s our human life. 🙂 

On my next post, I will talk about how exciting my new job has been though it has been just two days 🙂 

Stay tuned, happy reading!! 

Tragic lunch 

My husband cooked a really delicious pasta yesterday and for the first time and I was actually excited to take it with me to work. And unfortunately it just got too much humid as it’s supposed to be the hottest day in Czech Republic, temperatures reaching as high as 40 degrees. 

Athens with friends -part 2 

I know I haven’t been able to write more to my readers. We have moved back to Prague, with a loaded car, a dog cage , a brown Labrador, 20 month old infant, thankfully my husband bought me the tickets to fly back a day before he was due to arrive in the Czech Republic.  So, in my previous post I have shared with you all on the first day events of our friends arrival to Athens and how amazing it was to see the Acropolis, we also did see the monistaraki square, I say where all the business happens. My friend hesitated to go to the fish market as the stench was unbearable. 

Nevertheless, We did not miss the oppurtunity to see the vegetable market and the tiny streets around. They kept telling me what a incredible guide I make with a 20 month old daughter strolling around the city and showing the historical place was a moment I cannot forget. 

The events on the second day was just as much exciting as the first day. We saw the famous plaka. Almost explored the entire area with all the sophisticated streets, I even discovered an incredible old yet vintage art gallery owned by an famous artist- . His place was worth seeing for for the artist lovers. And as the day fell over and night approached, we all went to a roof top restaurant at the hotel Athens Gate situated at the 8th storey to view the incredible 360 degree view of the Athens! With the lights lit up as the darkness fell over, we had the best view of the Acropolis at night! It is a view that you could never forget! 

And thus winding up our Athens tour which lasted 4 days, with amazing people, great food, lots of red wine and a beautiful story to tell share. and since this was my last week at the Athens I honestly enjoyed to the best and will always cherish the memories I made with the land of history, heritage, culture, sea, sand and Greeks! 

Looking forward to a new beginning to start back at home – Prague! With a lot to look forward to, a working new mom! 

Stay tuned for more stories. It doesn’t mean my travel has stopped. There is a lot I am waiting to explore.