Athens with Friends -part 1. 

Last week in Athens has left me with so many mixed feelings. As I earlier mentioned in my last post that my friends are visiting me. And they have finally arrived here yesterday. We set our journey to receive them at the airport on the half empty highways at half past nine with excitement in our hearts.

The room I arranged for both my friends, one named Klara the young blonde energetic woman who is here to enjoy her summer and the other an English teacher in her mid fifties. She has been a dear friend and my only friend when I moved first to Czech Republic. Anyway, the room I found through airbnb had a fantastic authentic Greek feel to it and I loved it. 

The owner being a Greek was pleasant, sweet,and an highly educated woman in her late fourties! She in fact did an fabulous arrangement for her guests to have an comfortable and extravagant stay in the heart of the city of Athens. I must say I was very much pleased and contented. 

When I met my friends the day next day, they were really happy that I arranged such a wonderful stay for them. And like a holiday planned, we set out today to do some heavy sightseeing in almost thirty eight degrees Athens. We had a heart warming breakfast and set out our day by foot to Acropolis! The one monument you cannot miss whilst your stay at Athens.

So now they are out there doing all the study and enjoying the historical monument while I wait at the foothills of the Mighty Acropolis, having the oppurtunity to write a post and share my final week events with my dear friends in Athens. But unfortunately to my awe, I forgot to put in the micro card to my camera hence I promise to share you some pics along with my journey. 

So stay tuned, though the days are few, the journey is long! 🙂 

My first letter to my daughter! 

I always wanted to start writing to you. To buy a box and write letters and store them in the cabinet so when you turn 16 I could let you read all of them. I wanted to start writing to you on your first birthday. But hey there is never a auspicious time! 

You have turned 20 months already! How time flies away! It seemed like just yesterday when you were born and how I held you in my arms for a long long time. I still recall the fresh smell from your newborn skin. You were so tiny. 

Now that you are 20 months, I am no longer able to hold you like I once did because you are all grown up. You are a toddler and with no comparison to any. Every time you take a new leap in your growth I am the most happiest! There were times when I wanted you to walk, eat, talk and now you do all of that with such perfection. I enjoy you with all my heart. You are the most loved in my life. 

You are my life changing experience. How I love you so unconditionally without having to think twice. How au naturale! I enjoy every bit of time I spend with you. Playing with your toys, taking you to park, seeing you communicate in your baby language to the other kids, how you say hello to every passer by while we do our evening strolls, how you enjoy our food time, bathing is always fun? Isn’t it? And the after bath is the like having to catch you while you run away, or either try eating your bum cream, or licking your hands off the body lotion! And dressing up is like dressing a doll. I take immense pleasure in dressing you and the moment you run to the mirror to have a look at how you look. And pull out your tied rubber bands from your hair so I gotta redo it all over again! You are such a wonderful little girl. Still my adorable little girl and no one can ever change that! Forever! 

There are still so many new experiences that will come your way. New challenges that you would face! And I’m here with you, to walk hand in hand. To help you achieve your goals further, to lift you up when you fall, to laugh with you when your happy and make you stay strong in your sorrows. I will always be your guardian angel. Guiding you, helping you, showing you the light! 

Always remember mommy loves you the most and will do anything to see you brighten up! Looking forward to a very long journey in our life!

Stay blessed my darling daughter! 

Au-revoir Hellas.


It has been seven months exactly since we moved to Greece. I have never imagined, I would come live here. I did not arrive as a tourist and how they say once they return from their holiday on how they fell in love with the country, instead I have a different vision to how I fell in love with this land. And now the time has come to bid good bye to this wonderful nation, filled with so much history, really nice down-to-earth people, the amazing places, the sea, the sand, the crystal clear beaches and the picturesque landscape.

Little did I know about this country when I first arrived to Athens. Like everyone else. I even forgot to do some of the research before arriving here. I came here early January, right after celebrating our Christmas with family back in Prague. My husband told me the news when we were still busy settling into our new apartment we moved back then in Prague. And how much I would like it here in Greece. At the beginning I wasn’t fully convinced but after living here for seven months. He was right! He was damn right! I did just not like it here but loved it here.

Athens was so incredible, the small alleys, tourists filled Taverna’s, living in the heart of the city was such a plus point for a person from a different country. Athens has got it’s own touch to living in Greece. Tourists often miss seeing Athens but it has got some feel to it. and today writing this post has just made me even more melancholy towards leaving this place. recollecting the events during this seven months only makes my heart heavy.

I still remember telling my partner, how much I wanted to visit Santorini and Mykonos. however, I din’t end up visiting neither of those places. but I did enjoy the best part of the Greece, the Venetian history filled places. Corfu, was breathtaking. at the tip of the north of Greece almost lying on the side of Albania, this place had a authentic Greek feel to it. soon after that visit, we were at Kefalonia and Zante. every place has its own aspect to Greece. Kefalonia was filled with rocky huge mountains and when you reach the tip of the mountain, from the distance you could see the amazing crystal green waters below which will always remain in my memories. I can hardly find words to describe Zante, this was an love at first sight, Island. Over all, Though I did not get to visit where all the tourists usually visit, I saw the real authentic Greece. and now, I am almost in tears, in having to miss this amazing haven.

(Go check out my guest post about the Ionian Islands where I detailed on the Islands I mentioned in the above paragraph in a dear friend’s blog : Oh! Fernweh)

The one thing that will always remind me of Greece is the amazing food. blessed with agriculture, Greece has the freshest produce you could ever get in Europe. Greeks love their food and cannot live without it and so cant I! 🙂 The most missed food would be the famous Pita Gyros. By far, my most Favorited food since I got here. But I cant put away the rest of the food. Greek food is the best food after my very own Indian food. and the fresh fruits and vegetables produce I usually buy every Friday at the farmers market. I am going to surely miss that. My little daughter used to get all thrilled and excited to see the vendors at the market and to say Yasu (Hello), waving her tiny hand. And I have got just one last Friday for the market.

And since the summer began with it’s full heat, our weekends were spent at the sea most of the time. I would never forget the first time my daughter touched the Mediterranean Sea with her tiny feet. I am going to definitely miss the sea, sun and the sand. I was lucky to experience the 3 S’s once again after being in Maldives for 5 years.  I can keep writing a huge described post of how many things I would miss in Greece. but for now, I am just excited for the next week as my Best friend from Prague comes to visit me here in Greece for 5 days before my travel chapter in Greece ends!

This will be the last holiday until Christmas, so I am going to soak up all the Greek sun and enjoy to the maximum before heading back to home, Prague to begin a new chapter of my life!



A big thanks to Oh! Fernweh for nominating me!! 🙂 It’s a pleasure to be a part of this amazing blogosphere!







So here are 7 interesting things about myself:

  1. I can multitask like a piece of cake especially after I became a mother
  2. I love running though I couldn’t loose my mummy tummy yet.
  3. I love cooking and have a secret love for baking!
  4. I like Italian cars and wish to drive them.
  5. I am a wine lover especially white.
  6. I love to travel and wish  it to be free.
  7. and lastly, I never imagined I could love someone unconditionally, my love for my daughter is immense and out of the world.

There! Was that interesting?

My nominees going forward:

  1. Awwrite
  2. Smiling Notes
  3. Glory Begin

How do you like your coffee?

I am a coffee person! I got like ten different variety of teas on my Kitchen counter, all neatly arranged but my hands reach out to the coffee whenever I want to make a hot drink. My mornings, be it any day has to awaken my senses with a strong cappuccino. Though I always desired to have a professional coffee maker which I cannot afford one at this moment, I try my best to make my coffee as how i get it served at a cafe. Honestly, after moving to Greece, I started to grow more love towards this aromatic drink than ever before. Greeks love their coffee, be it hot or cold. They usually drink filter coffee early mornings but as the heat grows in the afternoon, they love their Freddo. Never knew that a thing such as a Freddo ever existing before getting here. One may say its just a Iced coffee but I would say it has got more to it than just coffee served cold. It has chunks of ice cubes, with strong espresso on which they pour a thick whipped cream which has got the taste which is out of this planet . and this particular coffee won my heart rather than the rest of the coffees I ever tasted before.

Anyway, back to my love for my coffee, I love it with two spoons of sugar, one spoon of instant coffee, and a good amount of milk. without this my mornings are  never now tell me all you coffee lovers out there.. how do you like your cup of coffee to be?

Awe on the Eve

Tomorrow is my 27th birthday! And I am here sitting in the forested park alone, trying to fight back those tears from falling so the passer bys won’t find me awkward. I cried for a full ten minutes and realised my tears would not come out anymore. All I have is grief, pain and some terrible accusations from my partner. Sitting here clock ticking to 9:30pm and mosquitoes biting the shit of me, I am thinking if really I am what my partner accused of me to be? If I am, how come I am not cold hearted, how come I can’t hold back those tears, then why do I feel the pain? I must have done something wrong to feel so miserable. Usually when there is a fight, I know I cannot control my temper and blurt out few unnecessary things I don’t mean! But to my awe does my partner also blurt out stuff he does not mean? Like I am not a good mother? I have been living the life of a motherhood leaving all the other fantasies behind for the past 19 months without close family near by nor any friends whom I can make a family from! Just me and my soul to whom I can ask questions to when I get frustrated and sad. My life isn’t all what I just described, there are days I am so content with my whole life especially raising my daughter whom I love the most. She has become my only strength when I fall. I have been 15 minutes away from her and my curiosity level has build to a level where I just want to go be beside her while she sleeps peacefully as the night grows. I am so upset that today is when I am supposed to be celebrating the day may be sipping on wine, having a date night with my love, having a fun day with my baby! But I guess all those birthday desires are not relevant anymore. I hate being in the dark, but I feel I got no one else to whom I can share this pain to. No one I put put my shoulder on and cry my grief out. Life has been really unfair! Should I begin a new chapter? Should I leave all this behind and find a true salvation? Leave the pain and find happiness? But where should I begin and how should I ? I wish I had a manual to my life to make it easy.