Review on the Hotel Athens Gate – Greece


I have been wanting to write down several posts about living or visiting Greece, especially the city, Athens. but I think the day has arrived to be today and I would like to share my views and experiences living in the magical city of Athena. Its been precisely 2 months since me and my husband moved here with our daughter and our chocolate brown Labrador.  Though we moved here in the winter, which has been quite harsh, the spring has arrived and now we are all including the Grecians themselves are waiting for the sun God, Apollo to shine on this beautiful city of Athens.

Today I would like to post just one of my several experiences I have been constantly experiencing in Greece. If you are on a visit here, I strongly recommend you to stay at the 5Th Awarded Roof top Hotel of the world. It’s a 4-star hotel (which I haven’t stayed) but with a breathtaking view that cannot be explained through pictures but only with your own eyes.

As I was sitting inside of the roof top restaurant of the hotel Athens gate, my mind immediately got refreshed and relaxed. This is the 2nd time I am in there at dusk and I simply love it there. To my right I can see the olympian Temple of Zeus which has its foundations laid far back in 550BC. the Grecian pillars are the only reminents that remain of the fallen temple but it reminds you that, that very place has been exactly the same way it was before as dated. behind of it, not the whole view but a tiny part of the first olympic stadium- Panathenaic Stadium, far ahead not quite far, I see the tallest hill in the Athens – Mount Lycabettus, of which I yet to hike one sunshine day. and towards the left of my view I can see that crowns the great city of Athena – The mighty Acropolis. one of the oldest buildings dated back to 450BC, Acropolis stands high with its beautiful architectural and historical significance.

However precisely, I would want to explain to my readers what I write today, as i already mentioned, it best to see it with your own very eyes to capture those moments forever and ever. and far far away to the left you can see the Aegean Sea, where mighty ships are anchored and awaiting to set sail to their next destinations. for a moment, one can get their thoughts lost into the beautiful era of the Grecians that once lived on this earth. Today’s Athens is a combination of heavily carpeted buildings emerging from all four corners of the city with a rich heritage of their past. Athens, completes the soul of a historic lover who wants to enjoy todays facilities. I feel very lucky to call this mystical city my home for the next two year. I have yet to write more reviews on other parts of Athens but in the next posts of mine. but for those of you, do not forget to get your frappe at the Hotel Athens Gate with this view I just mentioned on a sunny summer.


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