Meeting the love of my life, my DAD, after 25 years……

It has been 23 years since we left you, I can hardly remember your face. I was 2 years when mom held me in her hand and my sister (months baby) in her arms and fled from the home which is supposed to be ours. we grew up hearing from my mother not to meet you ever again, I grew up without you being there to hold my hand when i would fall, I grew up without you being there when I first has my period, when I first had a crush, when I fell in love, when I graduated from school, when I first took a plane, when I had a job for the first time. You were never there when I wanted to cry holding on to your arms. you were never there when all the other kids had both their parents on parents meet, or graduations. I grew up in pain because you were there far far away, away from me, away from everything you would see of me and be proud of me and for everything else which isn’t right to be there and guide me. I had to lie to the world that you were dead, not literally but I accepted in my heart that I would never see you again. Would never know how you would look when you grow old. I am now a parent myself, and have a daughter, I can never imagine how it would be without being a part of her. I missed you as a parent, the alpha parent. the guider, adviser, the care-taker, the first love, and my king. I grew up to the saying to another man I would be a queen but to my father, I would always be his princess. Even Gods didn’t want our meet to happen, I travelled around the world, made several of my own decisions,but deep down i always wished I had someone like you to be there for me always. Since I haven’t met you in such a long time i always imagined how it would be when I see you. I thought of you to be kind and gentle. respectful, loving and have all the best qualities of a dad. Because after hearing all the bullshit i grew up with from my mothers parents, I did not believe it in my heart but i lived with the bitter sadness that was it really the man that they mention as the monster, my dad? I recollect a incident at school, when i shared about you to whom i thought of to be my best friend, that you were still alive, she shared it with others, and they all mocked at me saying I am a fatherless girl having a father. There are several such moments in my life that left me feeling bitter. but you know, I never gave up on you, like you never did. In your heart, I heard from a relative, that your daughter, that is me, would come and meet you one day and be with you and share all the pain and joy that we couldn’t for those damned 23 years. and they say dreams can come true, the day I met you, so unexpectedly, thanks to my partner for persuading me to meet you, I was not convinced at the beginning but then after listening to my heart several times, I decided I will meet you, after all, I am a part of you as you are to me. I loved you Dad all my life, even those countless days and outnumbered times I haven’t been with you. The day finally arrived, after 23 effin years, that late afternoon, I did surprise you right? din’t I? I am sure you were excited. I was, trust me. My heart pounded when I saw you in a far distance, and when i came to you, held your hands in my mine from that moment, I knew I was never alone in my thoughts. The joyful tears i shed i will never forget. I was the happiest that day. I had several mixed feelings. Even words cannot explain what I felt that day. so many unanswered questions, so much to talk and share. and many more. but I knew this wasn’t the only day, as from now on you will always be there for me and I for you. I am so thankful to the Almighty to answer your prayers and bond us into that unbreakable love we always had. Now we cannot be divided or separated. we are one and always will be. I love you, Dad. I will forever.

Review on the Hotel Athens Gate – Greece


I have been wanting to write down several posts about living or visiting Greece, especially the city, Athens. but I think the day has arrived to be today and I would like to share my views and experiences living in the magical city of Athena. Its been precisely 2 months since me and my husband moved here with our daughter and our chocolate brown Labrador.  Though we moved here in the winter, which has been quite harsh, the spring has arrived and now we are all including the Grecians themselves are waiting for the sun God, Apollo to shine on this beautiful city of Athens.

Today I would like to post just one of my several experiences I have been constantly experiencing in Greece. If you are on a visit here, I strongly recommend you to stay at the 5Th Awarded Roof top Hotel of the world. It’s a 4-star hotel (which I haven’t stayed) but with a breathtaking view that cannot be explained through pictures but only with your own eyes.

As I was sitting inside of the roof top restaurant of the hotel Athens gate, my mind immediately got refreshed and relaxed. This is the 2nd time I am in there at dusk and I simply love it there. To my right I can see the olympian Temple of Zeus which has its foundations laid far back in 550BC. the Grecian pillars are the only reminents that remain of the fallen temple but it reminds you that, that very place has been exactly the same way it was before as dated. behind of it, not the whole view but a tiny part of the first olympic stadium- Panathenaic Stadium, far ahead not quite far, I see the tallest hill in the Athens – Mount Lycabettus, of which I yet to hike one sunshine day. and towards the left of my view I can see that crowns the great city of Athena – The mighty Acropolis. one of the oldest buildings dated back to 450BC, Acropolis stands high with its beautiful architectural and historical significance.

However precisely, I would want to explain to my readers what I write today, as i already mentioned, it best to see it with your own very eyes to capture those moments forever and ever. and far far away to the left you can see the Aegean Sea, where mighty ships are anchored and awaiting to set sail to their next destinations. for a moment, one can get their thoughts lost into the beautiful era of the Grecians that once lived on this earth. Today’s Athens is a combination of heavily carpeted buildings emerging from all four corners of the city with a rich heritage of their past. Athens, completes the soul of a historic lover who wants to enjoy todays facilities. I feel very lucky to call this mystical city my home for the next two year. I have yet to write more reviews on other parts of Athens but in the next posts of mine. but for those of you, do not forget to get your frappe at the Hotel Athens Gate with this view I just mentioned on a sunny summer.

Thank you, I appreciate y’all!

I write my thoughts and bring them out of my mind and create words which give me understanding to what I put down and when these words I write get to be appreciated by my 33 followers, I gotta make it up to all my followers by saying a simple thank you for taking time out and providing your thoughts and joining them with mine. it’s like making a instant connection to where ever you all are.

Though I never write regularly, I am grateful to all of you bloggers who come visit my blog and share thoughts with mine.


Quick Shrimp Pasta 


Since this is my first post on food, hope you guys like it! 


1. Any type of pasta (one packet) 

2. One medium sized onion

3. Two pods garlic

4. One green/red capsicum

5. 500gms cleaned fresh shrimps

6. Chinese fish masala powder

7. Sun dried tomatoes in sunflower oil

8. Fresh mint/ basil ( I used mint) 

9. Lemon

10. Salt to taste

11. Olive oil


1. In a big cooking pot boil 3 litres of water with tablespoon of salt. Close the lid and bring it to boil.

2. Meanwhile, chop onions, garlic, capsicum. Chop the sundried tomatoes into thin strips.

3. Heat olive oil in a wok, once the oil is hot enough, add, garlic and fry till the you smell the aroma, add onions, capsicum and fry until almost caramelised, add shrimp, sun dried tomatoes and cook until the shrimp has shrunk and done. 

4. Sprinkle the Chinese fish masala, a pinch of salt and add the fresh mint and close the lid for 2 mins. 

5. Meanwhile, add the pasta of choice to the boiling water and close the lid and cook for 5-6 mins on high, or until done.

6. Drain the pasta, add to the shrimps and stir it until everything is mixed properly with the pasta. Drizzle olive oil on the top. Serve hot. 

Hope you all try it! Happy eating! Cheers 

Love that never was mine

love at first sight! Does it ever happen? Yes, it did to me! It happened back in year 2011, when I first saw you walk into the roof top terrace for a bbq party in the fabulous house front of a huge water filled ocean! I cudnt stop my eyes coming back at you. I still can’t explain what is the reason behind our meet. But it was worth it! Though I could never make you mine! I grieve, only if things what we want could automatically be ours not for a day, for a week, or for a year but forever mine! The day after the part when we first locked our eyes, the time I actually caught you look at me, that is my only heart secret, only for me! Then, I had to with no choice left live in your apartment for a month.i felt like I was dreaming! I want to thank you with all my heart, for being there until the very end. Even though as friends because each time I see you even just a photo makes my heart skip a beat even now. This very moment I’m writing about you. Just you in my thoughts make me happy! 

The one month I shared your apartment with you, I was overwhelmed, by everything! Because I was in love with you! I love to describe you as exactly a man I wanted!! I felt of you to be perfect for me, your gentleness, your braveness, your jokes , your tone, your personality. Made me fall hard into your love. I mean come on who wouldn’t, you were just fabulous inside out. Like God was in good moods while creating you. Ha, if that came out like a description of a girl no I do not mean you to be beautiful but beautiful inside. You are anyway handsome outside, those long dark streaks, which I never got to caress, those Strong hands which I never got to hold, that manly chest which I never got to lie on, that breath of yours which I never got to breath! Oh how I longed but I guess we were never meant to be. 

I still remember the days when we cooked together, your French salads, (Ofcourse you being French! ) , our funny conversations, and what I cherished the most was lying next of you. Just few inches away from you for a whole month. You know how it made me shiver. Because I couldn’t handle not being so close to you yet so far apart. I still remember the way you smelled, sorry but I secretly smelt your clothes when you were out several times. You must be thinking of me to be weird but I just wanted to live this moment forever atleast within me. There was one night when you accidentally touched my hand. And I felt my heart throb. I loved you, i still do inspite our two separate lives. 

When my one month of living in fantasy was about to be over, I was sad I would never meet you again and feel so close but then as days went by you called me and wanted to move in to my apartment. I am sorry I never understood you. You were again there in front of my eyes but I was with someone else. It must have made you uncomfortable, it did to me too. That’s why even I left all those someone else’s I could never leave you. You haunt me in my thoughts all the time. 

I still remember the last coffee we shared together. The last hug you gave me before it was the final good bye.thats when I knew I could never see you again. It made me sad. I felt terrible for weeks but life moved on. But I didnot forget your warmth ness from the very last hug I received from you. I still remember how much I used to speak about you to my best friend then! They must have gotten bored but she knew I loved you a lot. And today, I have none to share this feeling with and not even you so I am writing it here. 

My life moved on as yours! We live in the same continent, few miles away, you in your world which I no nothing of and I’m in mine,a mother to a child now, but here I am admitting my love to the world of how much I loved you. I felt broken when you posted yourself with your new girlfriend, she is beautiful and I always wished why wasn’t that girl me. Then I wondered, whatever happens, happens for a reason. But no matter what, this is my promise to you. I will always love you in my thoughts and remember you even when I’m old, though we were never meant to be. 

  • In loving fondness of Louis!