Smile on a loved ones face!

Once a great scholar said, ” you are born alone and you die alone”. How many of us take this in literal meaning? Is it really that way? Then how are we connected to family and friends. They celebrate when we are welcomed to this world and moan and grieve when we leave them forever.

I would like to tell you a story of Lina, Lina was a obedient girl, she always respected her family, sacrificed for her kids when she grew old, then one fine day the family disowned her and told her to go away. The very family she once thought could do anything for her made her, her own enemy. She realised they were happy with people outside than being with her and her babies. Can a family really put you through so much pain? They would laugh and enjoy with the people who meant nothing but whined and complained and were sad all the time with her. She felt terrible. And this was the sad story of Lina.

We often forget to give precious moments to our loved ones, the moments that could hold us back to them when it’s time to let go, the memories that we can cling to can be created but are we really making time for those beautiful moments that make our loved ones happy? What is the goal of our life? Often people do a lot for families physically and forget to provide emotional support when in need leaving the person to feel alone. Be it a husband to a wife, mother to a child, father to a baby, brother to a sister, what keeps it strong is the togetherness that we often forget to create.

Due to technology growth in today’s era, we see people clinging to cell phones, laptops, iPods etc. they make no time for anyone! Busy in the world of technology. Not for a second they think to talk to their loved ones. They create a long empty space between themselves. They don’t know what each person in their family likes and dislikes. It’s sad to see most families are broken down to no communication.

It brings tears to my eyes when the person you want the most makes time for the outside world rather than time for the one that truly wants to share a talk with, sit and forget their duties and relax, speak their heart out. It takes one mind to realise and one step to convince and put a smile on the loved ones face. It’s not about physical effort but heart to heart effort. Genuine and pure because you love them and not hurt them.