It took me 3 months to get inspired

It took me exactly three months to come back to write something again. I write when I am inspired by something. I have done a lot of travelling, shifted homes, location, visited new places, met new people but nothing inspired me as much, to get the keys type my thoughts. Ever wondered how it would be if you were disabled? mentally unable to understand the reality of life? and physically challeneged to do everyone else can do? I visited a home for mentally disabled people who still see life to be greener the other side, still hoping miracles would take place.

Thanks to my beloved partner to visit his friend at the home care today. though we couldnt take anything for him as a token of love for his gentle gesture to invite us on a coffee. He looked like a middle aged man. As he opened the gates to where he resides, I was amazed with how he is able to reciprocate with the world though he has been mentally challenged through out his life.

It was a cold early winter afternoon, as we entered the residence, we saw a assistant help another mentally challenged person dry his clothes. a total of 7 people live in that home care. and they all though have to test their skills as much, cook together, eat together and do everything just as how a normal person lead their lives. Pavel was his name. He made us hot cup of traditional turkish coffee, and brought us some self made apple strudel. Can it be any more worthy why I belonged there that evening?

There I said it, I was inspired. Very much. I always wanted to help these special hearts. Wanted to lead lives with them and today I had the oppurtunity to get a closer peek into their special lives. But suddenly my heart became sad by my thoughts overpowering the moment I was enjoying. I felt bad for them not because of their condition but for their families. where were they? why are they left to be alone? dont they have some one to take care of them that they call family? why were they abandoned? seriously, what has the world gotten themselves to be?

But again my positive feelings made me to believe that they are happy to lead lives safely and together without taking much assistance from anyone. They are able to work just like a normal person. I felt proud of them. As I left them, I was happy in my thoughts to have shared some special moments with such special people. I hope each one of us can do something small each day to inspire our lives for better, emotionally and physically.