The despair of loosing something valuable

Yesterday my in laws visited us from their home town which holds one of the popular international film festival every summer, the city is called Karlovy Vary. Since they came to our place after a long time I decided to cook some authentic Indian food and ended up making chicken korma (not spicy) and Parathas (Indian flat bread) While kneading the dough for Parathas, I realised the diamond stone from my engagement ring went missing. Initially I thought it must have slipped into the dough so I pressed the dough to check for it but alas after all the lookout I couldn’t find it.

I felt sudden sadness like I wanted to cry but that would make me look stupid. I thought it must have fell into the sink while I was washing my hands or may be while drying the washed clothes, so many other thoughts. But I knew in my heart I will never be able to find such a minikin of a thing barely a carat. My heart really sunk not because it was a diamond stone but because I had so many attachments with it. I was emotionally bonded with my engagement ring. I was glad at least my ring did not fall off my finger.

I kept telling my self, it was just a stone and it’s a materialistic thing. There are even lot worse things happening to people around me. I learnt yesterday that a dear friend’s, colleague’s husband passed away at Croatia. While swimming he had an heart attack. And the saddest part was the wife was in Czech Republic and they dint even get to say goodbye to each other in the end. It must have been miserable. Loosing something or someone so emotionally attached to you can wreck you inside your heart. Alas all things one day come to an end. Life is a journey you can never predict what’s going to come. Just take your day as it comes either be it sorrow or happiness. Without both life is not worth living and which why it is called living life.


3 thoughts on “The despair of loosing something valuable

      1. my comment might be the last one but not the least, coz ive read the despair repeatedly took some time to comment and for sure , i knew that the lost one will be found again , as one of the traditions left behind me genetically my mom lost her precious sapphire stone from her ear rings , and she found it driven into the ashes of the olden stove that she had to feed us evryday and evrytime she gets reminded of my appetite………… such a way every time i loose some petty thing but precious ive found them many a time ……… i was confident of course ul get it and u got it my sweet heart. anything u loose u will get it back…………. stay confident my faithful child.


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