The noisy Pub on quiet street of Ceska Ulice

From my experience of living in Czech Republic, I thought the noisiest places were only the markets and some really old popular pubs with drunk men laughing about silly jokes. Unlike the city life in Prague where you can hear the hustle bustle of late night clubs, coffee houses opened with young crowd chattering away about how their day went, pubs with lots of entertainment, I live in a near by town to the city of red roofs Prague, called Beroun. Here one can hear noise only on a Saturday morning at the square market otherwise the place is dead like a graveyard let it be morning, noon or night. One can never see any kind of entertainment which is what I thought initially because all the coffee houses shut down by 6 pm and there are quiet restaurants which close by 10pm latest.

So, today I walk down a quiet street as I have named it in my title. As usual all the main shops were shut down. The clock was just ticking 8pm and there is hardly one or two people walking around the square as I walk past. It was still getting dark as I live in the North Pole the sun sets late. It was dusk. Anyway I reached this pub called Bernard. I still recall, just before I opened the door to Bernard it was quiet, peaceful, the moment I opened the door, and walked down a narrow corridor I heard the voices getting louder, laughter, chattering, clanking of glasses, smell of Klobasy a popular Czech sausage.

The first thought in my head was wow we entered the right place. I was excited that this small quiet town could have so much noise filled. And beer being the cheapest drink in the country even compared to water, to top it up, the owner of Bernard had his birthday and offered the beer which is already cheap to a whooping 50 percent discount. My jaw dropped a beer which is sold for a dollar is now half a dollar. I am sure all the beer lovers would have a ball of a time.

I was happy enjoying the surrounding which I have never seen before but only until my thoughts switched back to home as my daughter awaits for me to come back to her to tuck her away in her warm bed. So hand in hand I walked back with my beloved husband back to my house from the very noisy pub down that quiet street to our sweet warm home on an early autumn!


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