I was once called underprivileged

Writing this post brings back a painful memory of mine from the past. Aren’t we all humans? Aren’t we all made up of the same stuff as they say from stardust? Then why are few called privileged and few underprivileged?

I was 15 years studying at a boarding school on my final high school year when I was called into my head mistress office because I wrote a “love” letter to a boy? Back then it was strictly forbidden and against our school rules.

As I walked into her room, she began saying to me “Did you even know you are underprivileged child”? And I was like with my obvious answer NO. Then she later explained to me that because I was having a free educating as I belong to a teachers daughter which is why I am known as a underprivileged child and that’s what the school recognises me to be. Ha, talking about studying in schools of India no matter how good the education maybe.

I would be lying if I say I did not live with that until I got my own wings to fly by which I mean I started to work and live independently. I grew up to be shy and not at all confident. Until I came to a realisation that everyone is equal and Everyone is the same. I stand by my word and support those who feel that they are not privileged.

We all live in this world for a purpose to serve and death is the only thing which makes us free from the materialistic life that we live in. Not only did I get accusation from the outsiders but also because when living in a place such as India where being fair complexion is considered a better choice it made especially the darker complexioned girls, opted out from everything. Which I mean that I am relatively darker complexioned

as I come from the Dravidian side of the Indian world.

So I was always put down by elders and the people that surrounded me in every walk of life but only until I voiced up for myself. Recently when I was flying back to Prague where I live now currently I was asked by a fellow Indian Man that how come my husband who is “white” man accepted me as I am so dark. I felt like getting up from my seat and punching his face and tell him to wake up from the rotten head he has. But I politely told him look here gentle man, I may be dark complexioned but I have a heart which is fairer compared to yours so I guess that’s why my white husband married me! Lol I was literally laughing inside me how many people in this world yet discriminate others and put is low. It’s disgusting. That’s the right word for the bunch of assholes, pardon my French, who think like this even in 21st century that we live in.

But people who are reading this post, please do not put any human down. We all are one and will remain such no matter the color, creed, race, or country. We are one and we need to support each other as humans not become aliens. To end the post, no one is underprivileged as every one is equal.


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