Amazed by a supermarket cashier

I went for the usual grocery shopping which is my daily add on ritual list and since in Czech Republic or correct me if this happens everywhere else too, when you visit a supermarket, you pick your stuff (like duh) what you want to buy, and hit the payment counter, and its a custom in Czech republic to greet everyone (including strangers at times) with Dobry Den (in translation Hello).Living here for almost 2 years and having to say it in Czech has become an automatic robotic voice in my head which comes out immediately at such occurred situations. though there are some down sides while visiting the supermarkets, where , when you go for paying for the items you have picked up, you need to hand over the cash, collect your things into a carry bag and clear the counter before the cashier starts throwing the items the next customer purchased onto the counter which is rather quiet a trick in collecting your purchased goods and i believe i have very well mastered it while living here. though it has to happen in few seconds before the next customers items come swooping down at your items still lying on the counter if you aren’t as quick as you are supposed to be unless you have very less purchase but however this time, I am particularly amazed by the counter girl today when she smiled and greeted me with a Hello (in English) rather than in Czech. and bingo! it made me somehow smile in a pleasant way. since i do not hear it often so, I grabbed the entire opportunity and told her a bye on my way out to which she replied back a bye too. 

It may sound mere to a Czech person but for a foreigner it definitely made my day.I wish more of such occurrences happen often while i live my life here at Czech. 


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