4 more nights without you

“I close my eyes, thinking that there is nothing like an embrace after an absence, nothing like fitting my face into the curve of his shoulder and filling my lungs with the scent of him.”..

I am on my way to bed and my thoughts have been filled with nothing but you and you alone. It has been precisely twenty-five days since we left each other even without a proper good bye kiss and since then I feel guilty as if it was my fault for not giving you a proper good bye kiss. may be that’s why I miss you even more as the days ripened into our growing longing. 

Even though we Skype each day and call each other, there was something that went missing and it was your presence , your warmth, your touch. Today as I am blooming my anxiety, I can not wait to be by your side and never leave you for such long periods ever. It’s overwhelming my love, as the time goes by how my feelings are developing more dramatically. 

Four more days, and the very thought of seeing you at the Airport is giving me immense butterflies in my stomach. The moment I see you and kiss you closed eyes it’s going to satisfy me. Thank you Luke for being my soul mate, my friend, my partner. I love you so much for everything you do for me small and big. Thank you for the affection i receive each day and how happy you make me. 

I can travel all around the world a million times just to be with you and spend my life with you. This distance has made me realize the inner you in me. like your soul has spoken to me and guided me in everything that i did while we were away especially when it was time to be with Eli our darling baby who needs both of us the most. you are my true love honey and I cannot wait for the time to pass by to see each other again. You have my heart and my soul. I am really honored to have a person such as you with such charm, respect, integrity and kindness and I hold great respect to be yours and only yours. 

Four more nights until i smell your breath against mine and I am so thankful to you Luke for being yourself and being there for me and creating this anxiety within me. I can not ask for more and right now,despite of all, inspite of all, I want nothing more but to be home and to be with my happiness which i find only in -You! 



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