Opposite of a Lazy Sunday

A year ago, Sunday for me was to spend the whole morning, noon and night on the sofa watching movies and ordering home delivery food. At this very moment, It came to my wonder that I actually work full time and get paid by lots of love, smiles, hugs and sweet fragrance from my darling daughter which cannot be compared to the work I do the entire day. I forgot what nine to five working hours feels like.

Sometimes there were days at office I count hours until the clock hits five to run away to a near by Island Hotel to get a cocktail by the pool and watch the sunset over the rhythmic waves ahead of me,cooling down the work over load. Working in the Maldives for over a period of 7 years has put me in a situation where i always had the comfort and standards of luxury at my feet at the snap of my finger. Over the last 9 months I vaguely remember what a off day would be like. Sleeping long hours was my favorite thing on the to-do-list when the weekend hits. hugging my comforter and snoring away long hours until the sunsets,as I think of now is just a long awaiting dream to achieve again.

But hey no regrets yeah! My baby is my everything, the comfort and the luxury has to be sacrificed. saying that I remember a popular quote, “to gain something you ought to lose something” . Today, my day started roughly at about 7:44 am when i heard my little one wait in her cot cooing at me to greet her and wake her senses up. the moment i say “Nazdar” in Czech (you must be wondering why? since my baby is Czech and since my partner is Czech, we decided to teach her both Czech and my mother tongue “Telugu” one of the 780 languages of India *Amazed on the number? so was I!).

Elaine immediately sees me from her see through net,pack n play travel cot that I use while we travel, and gives me her ever beautiful smile which just melts my heart away. for which, I wait the entire night to pass by so I can get to see her smile each day as she wakes up. I remember in Czech, me and my partner Luke, have almost a competition on who gets to see her smile first, however sometimes we both see it together. If I have to count on the number of times I have seen her smile everyday in the morning, I am sure to have made it on top of the counting list.

After I bottle feed her and do her morning rituals, she starts playing and recently she has become so active I can no longer put her on the cot and go away to do my daily chores. I started to leave her on the floor with her toys. My baby is such a curious little soul, well she ought to be for her 9th month. she is doing great, her little miracles she performs each day. today yet again she performed such a beautiful miracle that skipped my heart beat for a second. she stood hold of herself on her legs. I was extremely happy to see this new milestone that my baby has taken today. It was such a joyous moment for me but I didn’t have that one person I truly wanted to see it by my side as he is so far away from me, half way across the world in Czech Republic. So, I immediately Skype my partner to show his daughter’s achievement.

I never had such a busy Sunday like such, before my baby was born. from bottle feeds to changing diapers, cooking home made baby foods, bathing time, tummy time, play time to rocking her to sleep and the best part, I learnt how to sing lullabies which I never thought I would ever learn. And all this gentle and affectionate I became is all because of my baby Elaine. Without her this world would be a different place to be in and would have never become the person I am today from having a lazy Sunday to having an alive Sunday.


One thought on “Opposite of a Lazy Sunday

  1. I’m thankful to God for being with you as your guide in this very blog , u know this is an advisable and knowledgeable blog than the FB which is of no use…………yet this has become an inspirational blog that keeps everyone alive……………keep posting my love I’l guide you whenever you need guidance. I’l too get registered to know that all these years are most precious years i have spent without this blog and now i can open up my heart felt thoughts on how a human lives and succeeds.


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