Ahoj Readers, Welcome to my first post.

I feel like i am new to school. feel like i am back in kindergarden amongst new classmates and really have no clue what to “write”. so, even though my blog says “Indian living in Prague” i am currently in India visitng my grandparents to show them their very first great grand child. being away from my homeland for more than a year and coming back with a brand new baby its like a cherry on the top feeling. Alas, all the good things afterall come to an end. as much as i enjoyed every treatful moment of my vacation, in a week i am travelling back almost 10000kms back to my second home  (oh wait) my home for the rest of my life. well hopefully!

i am able to write today is because of a dear friend being able to create the enthusiasm i left a long time back come alive a day ago when what she wrote on her blog inspired me to the level that i immediately had to create an account just to comment on her post and there you go.. the next day i find myself typing letters coming from my mind and heart right down this very post. my very first post.

watching Elaine my 8 month old darling daughter play with except her toys but everything else surrounding her and watching her get tired to be in her bed soon. when i am so full of spirit to write a long page on my first post it’s hard to focus with my baby distracting me every few seconds, like she knows her Momma is busy and she ought to distract. 🙂

i hope you have enjoyed this post..i promise to post more from my travel half way across the world..Cheers all!


2 thoughts on “Ahoj Readers, Welcome to my first post.

  1. its an amazing moment for a proud mother, who is been recollected the similar moments of you both when you were both tiny tots , indeed I’m proud of you my baby doll my eldest of my family to be a toddler of writing’ Good that you have begun , made an enthusiastic and lively start, May the grace of our heavenly father bless you with all understanding and Solomon’s wisdom to make this blog a world wide inspiration. Thanks to you my God for giving me an understanding daughter You bless her more and keep her safe under your blessed arms. Love you guddu we all love and care for you. ❤


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